This once-in-a-century project has aroused fascination and stimulated discussion from the start. Enthusiastic involvement from the general public was the decisive signal for the Bundestag, the German Parliament, to back the plans and provide public funds.


The financial contribution for reconstructing the Baroque façades is €80 million. This money is to be collected through private donations. 


Since its formation, the Berlin Palace–Humboldtforum Foundation also dedicates itself to fundraising. It too has set itself the goal of attracting backers for the project from the widest reaches of society.


We would be delighted to receive a donation from you towards the building of the Berlin Palace–Humboldt Forum. Your donation will of course be tax-deductible.


Bank accounts for building donations


Deutsche Bank, account no. 669411100, sort code 100 700 00,

BIC code DEUTDEBBXXX, IBAN DE76 1007 0000 0669 4111 00


Berliner Sparkasse, account no. 6000040006, sort code 100 500 00,

BIC code BELADEBEXXX, IBAN DE54 1005 0000 6000 0400 06

Please inform us, if your name should not be mentioned in the list of donors.

Specific Stones and Façade Elements

Highly motivated and with impressive personal commitment, the not-for-profit Friends of Berlin Palace, founded in 1992, has since 2004 been setting up a broad array of fundraising activities to attract donations for the reconstruction of the Baroque façades. These donations are being forwardet to the Palace–Humboldtforum Foundation.

If you are interested in donating for specific stones or façade elements, please contact the Friends of the Berlin Palace. Read more »